The week leading up to E3 is traditionally always a hectic ones. Leaks coming left and right, and even announcements regarding things to come during the show are made, and everyone basically loses their minds.

One of the latest leaks however comes from an apparent retail leak, which revealed that a brand new Watch Dogs game was on the way, entitled “Watch Dogs Legion”. It didn’t take long however till we were finally given more information on the truth behind the leak, as recently a Twitter account for the game was made where a video teaser was posted which stated “God Save the NPC’s. Reveal at E3”.

The information from the Retail Leak states that the game will take place in a dystopian version of London, in the near future. The play-style of Watch Dogs Legion also seems to be something entirely different than what we’ve experienced from previous iterations, as the player will be able to control/select any individual that they meet in the open world, with each character having their own set of traits, animations, and more.


While not much else was revealed regarding Watch Dogs Legion, keep in mind most of the information surrounding the game that has recently come out is all based off the Amazon listing, with MUCH more information surely to be on the way during Ubisoft E3 Press Conference. Hopefully a release date is among that upcoming information.