The Xbox Live service that we have all come to know and love will soon be receiving an official name, change. As many Xbox owners know all too well by now, the service has far expanded past what it once was – offering so many more features and benefits than honestly any other subscription based gaming network these day’s. So it’s only fitting for the service to receive a name re-brand for the new generation, right?

Well like it or not, Xbox Live will soon to be officially known as “Xbox Network” as the people over at Xbox have stated that the “Xbox network’ refers to the underlying Xbox online service, which was updated in the Microsoft Services Agreement. The update from ‘Xbox Live’ to ‘Xbox network’ is intended to distinguish the underlying service from Xbox Live Gold memberships.”

It seems the name swap is to help avoid confusion between the services subscription model and all of the other things the services offers. Honestly, “Xbox Network” just feels so smooth and the name seems very forward-moving in general so I’m personally quite happy to see the change being made. What do you all think of leaving the “Xbox Live” name as a service behind us? Let us know on social media @EXP4ALL!