It’s no news that next-gen consoles launches and pre-order openings come with their own set of issues, issues that we’ve had to put up with throughout numerous years. But now, as we are truly in the digital age, these issues now basically plague us online; from scalpers ordering multiple consoles to re-sell at insane prices, to bots at the ready the millisecond pre-orders go live, all the way to orders not being fulfilled and or cancelled by respective retailers.

Amazon seems to be the latest giant that is now the bearer of bad news for many who were able to pre-order a PlayStation 5 on their platform yesterday. As many buyers have recently been informed that their orders may not arrive on launch day, as obviously, the PS5 is in very high demand at the moment, despite it not even being out yet. This information basically defeats the purpose of pre-ordering the console, as those who do pre-order generally do so to secure themselves the purchase for a launch day arrival or pickup.


It’s quite unfortunate that Amazon is running into these issues, as generally they are a very reliable platform to pre-order on. As a day one adopter of the Nintendo Switch, pre-ordered on Amazon, I can say with confidence that I never ran into issues of the sort with Amazon, and it seems this may be the first for the company (as far as wide-scale console launches go). It will be interesting to see how they address the situation going forward, but those who are desperately in need of a PlayStation 5 on launch day, may have to consider elsewhere as far as pre-orders go, as it seems online retailers are far from reliable when it comes to the PlayStation 5 pre-order debacle.