-First and foremost; how many of the drugs have you taken? 

Only beers and weed. And thank God, I’m stoned 14-hours-long, I only have 20 hours left to face reality.

-Do you have any concerns or any areas that may be lacking since you are creating the game all alone? 

Lancelot is my first game, so I don’t have any experience with working as a team. But I think the coolest thing about working alone is you don’t have to deal with communication, explaining your ideas, defending them to team members or publishers. You think of something funny and you make it. Period.

-How did you come to use the art style that is present throughout the game? 

Working solo means you can spend thousands of hours drawing full-detail drawings on your own to fill 3-hour-long animated animations of Lancelot, so I had to find a graphical theme which required less work hours for maximum graphic impact. Medieval manuscript art was the best candidate: no perspective, no shadows, naïve art style with strong coded art rules I learned during my art classes.

-What makes Lancelot the sexiest knight and why does his underwear change color? 

Why do Knights Of the Round Table go find the Grail? Because God wants to! Why are all French men gay and French women have hair under their arms? Because God wants to!  What makes Lancelot the sexiest knight and why does his underwear change color? Because God wants to!

-Do you have previous experience designing video games? 

I made some weird sexually oriented dating game for the Japanese market – but hey! I was young and I needed the money to pay the rent!

-Can I expect the Spanish Inquisition? 

My Gosh! Have you lost your mind, mate? Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

-You mention the game is 80% completed so what is actually left to do?

If I was Tim Schafer and had 3M dollars, I’m not gonna lie, I would be tempted to sip Mojitos in the Caribbean and gamble on cockfights – but with 15k you have to deal with the work-hard-for-cheap-salary indie dev reality.

All the most time-consuming task are done (graphics + promotion + finding budget and early-adopters), what Lancelot needs is improving the gameplay, making the puzzles more intuitive and improving the flow to provide the gamer the most funny experience. I have 6 months to achieve this, and I’m motivated as hell!


-The demo has some bugs that could have been game breaking; are you concerned with fixing them at this late stage? 

I’ve been struggling for 2.5 years to attract attention and create enthusiasm to have the chance to get funded on Kickstarter. Getting the money to pay the rent ruined 90% of my energy. Now thanks to the backers, money stress is away – the best way to thank them for this is to give my 156,809% best and give everything to give them the funniest experience ever!

-How high is too high to play Lancelot’s Hangover? Follow up, is it correct to feel worried when the cannabis starts making sheep sounds? 

Don’t be scared. Recent scientific researches showed playing Lancelot’s Hangover will not lead to severe neurologic diseases, except a brief experience of schizophrenia, some mystical I’m-With-Team-Jesus epiphany, as well as rashes and itching. But hey! It’s still beta, right?

-The demo just kind of starts with little introduction or background; is this just because it is a demo or is there no actual opening? 

The final game will have an intro with UK voice-over, then the actual point & click adventure game with  drunk mini-games included (you know, the ones with the trumpet in the ass and angels in a Martini pool at the beginning of the current demo) .

-In an age of such political correctness are you concerned about any backlash? 

It’s funny. Non-French people (let’s be frank: 0,5% of the players) ask me: “Aren’t you afraid the French players will hate you” – and all I got is an awesome preview on the most important French PC-gaming magazine. I also get anxious emails from straight gamers asking me if the game was homophobic. Are you serious? The best support I get is from the LGBT adventure game lovers! Relax, it’s OK – Lancelot’s Hangover is all about anachronism and non-sense humor, do not try to message any seriousness into it.

-What is with the German thing and what exactly did the King have to say about Lancelot’s Hangover? 

The Germans are my best supporters! Meeting them IRL, chatting with them on social media and being very excited to celebrate Lancelot’s funding at Adventure-Treff beach party during next Gamescom, they deserve a über-wunderbarcurrywurst-VIP-Deutschand-über-alles gratefulness! An exclusive German version of the trailer is scheduled soon (with funny German voice-over!) – stay tuned to next Kickstarter updates!

-Do you have plans for future games? 

My main goal is shipping Lancelot in October. I’ve got ideas – and actually lots of pre-production docs and artwork for the sequel, but hey! After all those thousands of work hours and after shipping Lancelot, I will take some well-deserved holidays! 🙂