Bloody Chronicles is a beautifully designed game, but how many different areas can we expect to have by the end? Most of what has been displayed so far is only city backgrounds.

The story takes place in a city called Utna. That is why mostly you will see city backgrounds, rooms with victims, police station and Igrasil Headquarters. We are also working on a Beach Episode where you can also find amazing background.

You mention the main character Kazuki can form relationships with NPCs. Can you elaborate on this? Does this mean the player can form love relationships? Can relationships be made regardless of gender?

– Correct, Kazuki can have relationships with other Igrasil members like Suzumi, Aki, Kaoru and even Akito.

Many users asking us for adult content (H content). Like we said before, we are always listening to our users and we will start our work on Adult Version of Bloody Chronicles.

You mention the game will be made in 3 installments; are all these going to be funded this time or will there be three different funding opportunities

No, we just need to fund the first release New Cycle of Death. After that we are sure that we will receive enough money from purchases.

You mention the first part will be released in March 2017, but how much of the game is left to make? Will the other parts take as long to be released?

Correct, Act 1 New Cycle of Death should be released in March 2017.

Here you can check about progress that is updated every week:

Act 2 Revenge should be released in December 2017 and last one Act 3 Last Order in October 2018


The game is described as being episodic with multiple parts where consequences carry over. Would you say this functions like The Walking Dead or some other way?

– Sorry, we aren’t familiar with Western titles like The Walking Dead. Our system allows users to make decisions that will effect the ending as a whole in Bloody Chronicles Trilogy. It will be a lot of important decisions that will affect the results in the second part. Thanks to that you can play Bloody Chronicles many time by taking different quest or route.

With a Japanese style visual novel game it seems odd to have English voice actors. Can you explain how you came to use English voice actors?

-Yes, we agree on that point, but first of all English VA offered their services at a really good price. That’s why we decided to pick them first. We didn’t know that people would find it odd because that is the most common language in the West.

We really wish to earn money for Japanese VA, but sadly they are really expensive.

Also this is our first project, before we worked for other studios that made titles like Toriko or Tokyo Ghoul, so we are still learning how people see visual novel here.

How many different paths are possible in the game and how much do they actually affect the player’s progress or change the story?

There will be 5 paths with the last one we called “dark”.

We will try to make every path unique, and help players to understand how Bloody Chronicles storyline works. That means you won’t learn much about the true story by passing the game just once that’s for sure.

Please keep in mind that the story is a mystery and twisted. We spent a year learning about serial killers, how they work, and why police don’t catch them. For example, the Zodiac killer? If I’m correct, police never catch him? Correct?

The story in the demo is a little confusing. For instance, as detectives do they work for, with, or independently from the police?

Yes, the demo was made for KickStarter purpose to show the game play system and character personality. We cut some dialogues and choices from demo, that’s why many users may find it a bit confusing.

Igrasil Organization is independent from the police, they have unlimited money sources thanks to Moriyama family connection but that doesn’t mean they don’t cooperative with police.

Igrasil has a connection with the police thank to Akito’s character; also Suzumi’s father was a police officer.

There is very little information on the game except some background on the main case, can you describe in more detail the game’s plot?

I’m sending a sample how the game system is built and how chapters look like.


The characters in Bloody Chronicles all look young, but the story suggests they are actually older than they appear, can you elaborate on that?

 Correct, Suzumi Misao is the oldest one at 24 years, Kazuki Koyama and Akito Ishigawa are the same age 22 years, and the youngest Aki Ishikawa and Kaoru Moriyama are 20 years.

80 hours seems like a lot of time to fill with just the Phantom case, what else will happen in Bloody Chronicles?

Yes and here is our secret, that Phantom case isn’t the main source for Bloody Chronicles. That is only a tiny element that will turn on whole story, where there are lots  of question for example:

Why Phantom left Kazuki alive?

Why he didn’t kill him?

Why in first place is Phantom killing people. Are they random?

Why does Akito want so badly to catch Phantom, and why is Suzumi so afraid to fight the Phantom?

Also, what source of information about Phantom case does Akito really have?

A number of characters are mentioned, but will there be more in future installments or will some not appear until future installments?

– Yes, there will more side characters, some of them are Eiko and David. In just Act 1 you will meet 5 side characters.

Any future games in the works?

Yes, we have 2 upcoming projects and one of them is War of Ashird visual novel with turn based strategy game.

More information soon.