Well they have me hooked big time with this trailer. As kind of a hobby historian this game speaks to me in more ways than just a video game but it does look like a great sand box game as well though. I admit it, this is no where near what I was expecting from a mafia game, although it has been a long time since I played a mafia game. This is so much more… if it delivers. This is what I thought LA Noire would be but fell short; a game that correctly portrays a recent period of American history and the troubles they faced. Dealing with homelessness, gangs, race issues, veterans returning from war and the Vietnam war in general we are hitting on a lot of topics here that shaped America into what it is today. I think I saw a little voodoo in there as well and some deep south black magic could be an interesting twist. I would say it seems odd it comes at a time when we are again going through race issues but this game has probably been in development longer than that. Coming out in, most likely, late 2016 I am excited to learn, play and take over the mafia again.