Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you guys are all having a great afternoon so far (in this chilly weather).
But enough of formalities, lets talk gaming.
Today I wanted to talk about a new game that was released last Thursday (4/7/16).

That’s right folks! Finally talking about Kingdom Hearts Unchained.
This game was released last Thursday, even though  the initial Japanese version (Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] ) was released way back in July 18, 2013. But us over here in the western region, mostly don’t know how to read/speak Japanese. You know, the same issue we have with most popular Japanese games (Ace Attorney Investigations 2, i’m looking at you). This is set in the time line as a prequel, before all other KH games, so anyone can play it, on a mobile platform; To attract both those familiar with the series, as well as new people who have no prior knowledge of it.


So the game is relatively simple to follow. You start by selecting a union. You then follow the tutorial for a bit. It guides you through the start of the story, as well as game play. You learn how to do various things. And then it leaves you to hop to it. It’s a simple RPG, with character customization, getting to level up medals that you attach to your weapon (called the Keyblade), as well as leveling up your Keyblade, to make it stronger & add more medals. One of the best features , at least in my opinion, is their Multi-player aspect.

KH Unchained Union selection

This is the union selection screen, in which you will choose the one union you stay with throughout the game, although you do have the option to change it in the settings option. You then can either form a party, or join another party, as long as you’re in same union. Then you get to share your best medal, and access the best shared medals of your teammates. This helps especially with tough bosses (called raid bosses). They can help on the fight, so you get a ton of xp.


Overall, this amazing series (seriously KH is an amazing series), with game play, and great multi-player connectivity; Those with a mobile device handy should pick this game up. And you may end up being like me, a “little addicted”.

current standing for KHU
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