NBA 2k16, the latest release in the much-maligned franchise who’s last few titles have been met with almost universal scorn, has proven all the doubters wrong.

The basketball sim has ridden positive critical reviews into record-breaking sales numbers in the first week of availability. Over 4 million units were sold in the last 7 days, destroying the sales record for the franchise.

2k Sports had been seen as a studio in decline, gradually losing the battle to EA Sports. But 2k16 has reversed that trend, becoming the highest rated game in its category and proving that 2k still has more gas in the tank. For basketball fans and sports gamers, this is great news, because the genuine lack of good basketball games for the past few years has been brutal.

Predictably, developer Visual Concepts president Greg Thomas had glowing words regarding what must surely be his pride and joy;

“Our goal was simple, make NBA 2K16 the most playable, authentic basketball experience ever. The development team demonstrated tremendous dedication to recreating every nuance of the sport both on and off-court, which has been the driving force behind our early success.”

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