For RPG gamers, creating the perfect character, whether that’s a reflection of your own personality or an idealized visage of good/evil, is one of the most important and meaningful portions of the gameplay experience.

Your character often determines what type of experience you will have as you play through the game. Are you a savior? Are you a devil? Somewhere in between? In the Fallout franchise, your character’s words and actions have a tremendous effect on the wasteland, and the outcomes of your character’s actions often depend largely on the choices you make, and also on your characters stats.

The Fallout franchise has always been renowned for its immersive and comprehensive character building system, and now a Fallout 4 fan website is offering a free “build planner” app that allows you to build and customize your Fallout 4 character before it’s Nov. 10th release date.

According to Kotaku, the site allows players to allocate their SPECIAL stats, name the character, as well as choose their Perks, and finally, export their character to share with friends.

Be warned, however, that this app is based off the recent Fallout 4 gameplay leaks, and therefore likely contains spoilers and/or information that is not yet meant to be released to the public.

After choosing your base SPECIAL stats, the site allows you to artificially “level-up” your character multiple times in order to choose different perks, and explore the different perk trees. ¬†After about 20 minutes of tinkering, here’s what I ended up with;

My Fallout 4 Character

Creating a character using this site doesn’t have any real meaning, but it is definitely a helpful tool for players looking to get a head start on planning their character’s development, and getting an idea of what perks will be available based on how they play.

Create your own Fallout 4 character here!