Well it has been a slow week for games, I have fallen back onto my phone and older systems to keep myself going. The most important news of the week has to do with a Battlefront PS4 bundle and the most obvious xbox one/ps4 Chinese rip off ever for gods sake. Fallout Shelter was just released on Android and it is pretty good, not good enough to quench my desire for Fallout 4 but something to do while my actual video games load. As overseer of your own vault you have to build and add new vault dwellers until you have the perfect vault or it collapses in on itself. I started Vault 41 and tried to come up with an army of Gary’s but have run into difficulty keeping the vault above water. The ability to adjust your people’s stats isn’t as interactive as previously believed, boiling down mostly to stat boosting and selective breeding. The game doesn’t allow incest but considering most of my first generation is from the same two couples with the highest stats I may have… contaminated the gene pool per say. Attacks are not frequent enough where they become annoying but it does suck that you can’t loot them after you kill them. In any other fallout I strip down anyone who attacks me for whatever they are worth so here it feels like a missed connection. It is fun sending people out into the waste to collect items and see how they are doing but at the same time I had to send my best character out in power armor with a fat boy to prevent her from dying in three hours. It took almost three days before she found anything worth it for that matter and even that was just a plasma rifle and some decent armor. I also like this game because it doesn’t shove ads in your face or ask you to pay for better items nonstop. The choice to pay real money is there of course but it isn’t shoved down our throat every couple of minutes.

It is now day five of vault 41 and the people are still fairly happy. Food and electricity are always on the verge of being in short supply but we manage. The massive baby boom may not have been as good of an idea as I had hoped and I’m still fairly certain some of the couples are related… There is also the raiders who attack fairly often and seem to have upgraded to guns, a troubling sign of things to come. There is hope though, my greatest fighter is returning from a two day exposition with over 2000 caps, plenty of good equipment and a number of high level guns including plasma rifles. I would have let her continue for longer but due to radiation sickness and multiple fights with feral ghouls and deathclaws I decided it was time to return. The vault is deep with many resources but they are slow and the people are spread thin. Soon I hope to find another lunch box and hopefully a mister gutsy to help fight off enemies. There have not been many wanderers from the waste lately and our radio message seems to fall on deaf ears. radroaches are becoming a problem lately, digging in while people aren’t paying attention. Soon I may have to think about removing certain rooms and rebuilding in a more efficient manner like the lower layers of the vault. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more survivors in from the waste so I can finally build that class room…


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