What can anyone say about Gal Gun: Double Peace? Well for starters it’s from Japan… and that kind of sums up the entire game in just three words. It’s. From. Japan. Why is that boy running around shooting teenage girls with an instant orgasm gun? It’s from Japan. How can that boy use Superman strength pervert vision to looks through girl’s clothing? It’s from Japan. What are those giant tentacle monsters doing to those school girls? It’s from Japan. Gal Gun: Double Peace is not for everyone and you may want to be careful around the kind of people it is for, like myself I suppose. Gal Gun is the kind of game normal people think Japan is like from too much anime and YouTube videos. A technicolor nerdgasm populated entirely by tech-support workers, ninjas and sailor moon girls. Gal Gun plays to this as a major strength, it knows what it is and shows it off with pride.


The plot of the game has the player starting as a lonely perv-nerd who needs help from an ‘angel’ to find love, which of course goes horribly wrong with sexy results. Seems like the developers may be hitting a little too close to home for their fan base. The game then attempts to normalize the fact that you’re fighting off nearly every female by shooting them full of ‘love’. Easily the best part of the game is the multiple paths players can choose from depending on which main female character they choose. For what little plot there is the emotion behind it really shines out as almost sincere and touching… and then another tentacle monster pops out. There’s no changing paths which takes the guesswork out of it but it flows better that way. I did find the harem ending where the player character convinces both sisters into a three way unsettling. There are no bad endings, just good or true so regardless you seem to get something out of the deal. Probably the best path is the one where you can randomly or work towards a romance with any girl in the game. This path doesn’t even require the player to reach the end of the game, I was maybe halfway and already had multiple girls crawling all over me.


It would be hard to hold back in a 1st person rail shooter game where the entire point is to feel-up high school girls and give them the most epic orgasms of their lives. Gameplay tends to function about as well as the core concept though. The reticle is slow, has trouble reaching certain areas and swings around wildly with the rail. Not to mention that stages are incredibly short. There are a lot of stages and each possible path takes the player through semi-different areas. However, even the different stages look nearly identical since most are exactly the same but in reverse. Something the developer either thought would go unnoticed or no one would care. There’s not much else to note, there’s one mode where you can dress up and pose any of the girls in various ways which is only slightly more disturbing than the main game. There are plenty of collectables, primarily girl body stats which you get by staring at them really hard.


So what did the developers spend all that time and money on? The girls of course! While most of the game is the same 3 or 4 stages there are dozens of semi-unique girls who tend to blend together after a while. No matter what your type is, this game has got you covered; tall, short, pigtails, teachers, even a ghost girl for whiny emo types. All of them come in a number of different outfits as well, including school uniforms and bathing suits, however this causes some clipping issues since they don’t all fit correctly. They even have voice actors for each girl, not that it’s hard to scream in ecstasy a couple times… except maybe for the male staff. The art is exceptional if extremely static and simple, again because they put all their effort into the girls. They’re all well designed and have a wide degree of motion. The CG is also spectacular and not as pervy as it sounds unless tentacle monsters are involved, it’s just too bad there’s so little of it.


Gal Gun: Double Peace isn’t for everyone, it falls into the realm of games like Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed and Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball. Games you try because you hear how bizarre it is but wouldn’t want other people to see you play; like having your mom walk in on you watching porn. Like many other odd Japanese games I’ve played it’s best to not take them seriously, just enjoy them for the freaks they are. The plot has its positive points and what kind of sad sack plays a girl shooting game to look at the background anyways? It still offers and makes about as much sense as some AAA games I will not speak of. If Gal Gun: Double Peace has one major fault that can’t be blamed on its quirkiness, it’s the DLC. Not the ones for giving all the girls flat or huge breast, those make sense. I’m talking about the DLC that lets you completely see through clothing, a DLC that costs 90 FUCKING DOLLARS, 30 MORE THAN THE ACTUAL GAME. Who on god’s green earth is paying such a ridiculous amount to see through clothing a little better?! There’s desperate but this is more like hooker bodies in the freezer desperate.