If you are like me and Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door were some of the best games you ever played back in the day then it is a good day. In the Nintendo Direct today Nintendo has announced a new game in the series, Paper Mario: Color Splash. Taking a note from Splatoon Mario will no longer be working with stickers but a paint hammer in order to return color to the world. From the environment to other characters, especially Toads, Mario will have to restore color in the world. After the lukewarm reception of Sticker Star there was concern that Paper Mario have been done for. Well it seems to be doing just find and is back better than ever and on the Wii U which is great.


While it looks like a HD version of the older/better Paper Mario games I regret to say that the combat looks like it was pulled from Sticker Star.  I can only hope I am incorrect and that fans will see the return of Mario’s friends who will help in combat. While not much information is available yet, it was announced it will be released this year; so hopefully before the end of the summer. It’s bright, colorful, fun and a return to the classic Paper Mario. Probably the highlight of the Nintendo Direct today with most the other news being widely known or minor, I have something to be excited for later this year.