Sound Shapes, a cross buy so you can get it on any PlayStation system, is an interesting music game. I have some experience with Japanese music games but Sound Shapes just has its own unique track and sound that you rarely see in any kind of game now and days. I particularly enjoy the tracks by Beck by a prefer a little vocal in my music. The interface is a little confusing at first but playing around with it clears things up quickly. It does have a wide variety of songs, even if most of them are cut off for DLC’s. Some of them start to sound the same after a while but if you are actually playing the game and collect the beat tokens, as I’ve come to call them, then usually the track gets a lot more diverse. For a video game it is extremely short, with the complete collection running 20 dollars, usually I would say that is a lot for a game this simple but from playing around on the editor putting together some of these tracks was anything but simple and I can respect that. It is free this month though on any system if you actually look it up in the store, so it is more than worth the time. Besides the editor which has an interesting game there is a dead play mode or a series of timed challenges for each album. These look simple but even the easy looking ones can be crazy hard to play and require near perfect timing. I think the randomizing of beat tokens makes it a bit irritating since that means it is not possible to win every time which such a strict time limit but it does become more interesting. I included my own gameplay of all the main songs below so you can get a taste before actually playing if like me you only have so much memory left on your system.