Star Wars Battlefront is a good looking game… What? You want more? Well there isn’t much more to say really. It looks really good, that is about the only thing that really comes to mind after playing this. If someone asked me what I thought about Star Wars Battlefront I would say it was a good game; whether we would be talking about the same game is another issue entirely. EA being the corporate hell spawn it’s made out to be I was concerned they would just pimp out the game in every conceivable way possible. Now however I find myself perplexed, they literally didn’t do much of anything to improve Battlefront. If you look at everything besides graphics which have inevitably gotten better this time round both Battlefront (the original) and especially Battlefront 2 had far more content. Much like The Order 1886 Battlefront (the newer) has even less to offer than its predecessor did almost a decade ago. While I am not a huge Star Wars fan I did always enjoy the Battlefront games and one demolishing derby Star Wars game other people try to forget.

Content wise there is very little here. Only a few maps that can bigger or smaller depending on the game but only a toddler could be tricked into thinking they are different maps. Only two armies, Rebels and the Imperial army grace us with their presence; which upsets me a lot. Battle front two had nearly 4 armies if you count the wookies or believe the clone army is different from the Imperial army somehow. The droid army was really unique too because it actually made one force different from another and droids were fun to play with. All storm troopers look the same anyways so why try and pretend they don’t? Then there is the lack of heroes; why EA thought just 6 was a good number baffles me when Battlefront 2 had a ton of heroes. I can only assume they are trying to stick with the original movies but then that just brings up the question why? What possible motivation, besides being cheap, could they have for only working with one part of the franchise? There is plenty of other stuff that lacks compared to the first two games; the amount of vehicles for one has severely decreased.

If you are the kind of person that needs some kind of plot or single player this game isn’t for you. Since the single player lacks any form of story and just has you play the same types of games as multiplayer but against all AI there is little to no reason for it. There is only 6 parts anyways but there might as well only be three since it is the same basic fight just with or without heroes. What is really annoying about this is that the AI are either incredibly easy or frustratingly hard; so either you go an almost perfect round or your troops are easier to be killed than fish in a barrel. There are plenty of different game modes to choose from, in multiplayer anyways, which is refreshing because there isn’t anything else to do. Again though, with so few heroes, vehicles and so on all we basically have is Call of Duty in Star Wars cosplay. Some modes like Hero Hunt and space battles are more original and separate the game from other shooters but again this has already been done better by Battlefront 2.

Battlefront does look pretty though, there is no denying that. That isn’t saying much though in a world where triple A games have to look as life like as possible; whether any of them do is another story. Comparing this game to The Order 1886 makes a lot of sense because they both do the same thing; they eliminated playable content in order to focus on appearance to the point of meaninglessness. Also just like The Order Battlefront environments cannot be damaged or changed in any way. I found this rather odd considering just how many games coming out soon boast fully destructible environments like a badge of honor. Okay, to be fair I think I saw an AT destroy a couple of small trees in the jungle stage but that is all I saw ever. It is almost as if EA is terrified that the Star Wars fan base will descend upon them like locust if every little thing isn’t up to art guideline standards.

The game functions better than I thought it would though and action is generally fluid and quick; depending on the size of the map though the average life is very short. You will have a rough start with this game though since everything except the simplest few weapons will be locked at first. FYI I suggest purchasing a decent type of grenade that actually works on other people since anything that affects only shields and vehicles is almost worthless in most game modes. I do like the pickup system they have in game though because it can provide some rare weapons or gear. It must be luck based though because I swear 3/4s of the time I always end up with some kind of thermos bomb but it is still worth it. The only real problem is that pickups for heroes and vehicles are very rare; especially for AT’s. In a few games multiple players would just wait around the spawn point for the next one and get picked off easily. Some maps aren’t very friendly towards certain vehicles either though. The jungle map for instance isn’t very good for any vehicle. Vehicles and heroes are more balanced this around, except for Boba’s jet pack, and make things a little more even. Except for one fighter I believe was called the A-wing, yes it had stealth abilities but the thing maneuvered like a semi-truck and couldn’t keep up with the enemy anyways.

There isn’t really much more to say… it is a strictly multiplayer game with a very tight focus. Why the focus is so tight is a complete mystery to me and no answer could really ever make up for it. My suggestion to people would be to go back in time to when Battlefront 2 came out and enjoy that; if it had a multiplayer option that didn’t suck I would say it is easily the best of them all. Or if time travel is too difficult go get Fallout 4 or Black Ops 3 because they would offer the same thing and more. My worst fear is that EA has much more content but will only sell it piece by piece in DLC form. They will have DLC’s but there really isn’t much else they could be at this point. My guess is this will go the same way as Evolve; it will be huge for multiplayer for a while but sooner or later people will get tired or frustrated they never get to be the hero or something and it will quickly fade into obscurity. At the same time however this game is practically bound to make a profit just because of the dedicated Star Wars fan base that will buy anything with Dark Vader on it.