So September was not a great month for the free PSN games, either that or I just can’t play side scroller games anymore. I had some mild fun with Grow Home, I started playing Twisted Metal and immediately stopped playing and the rest I played for a while and eventually got bored and wandered off to greener pastures. My personal favorite of the month has to be Teslagrad, or what I have been calling Teslagard in all my videos because apparently I’m going blind. Besides the fact it is rather short and the story is choppy I loved this game. The game is a primarily a puzzle solver following the Zelda game model but there is only one temple, or tower, to traverse. The entire game is based around electric and electromagnetic puzzles. There are some boss fights here and there that I found interesting, except for the king that was a pain in the ass to defeat.

The story is kind of obscure. You are a kid who hides from big burley Russian looking dudes in an old tower where it seems some wizards made a bunch of magnetic gear for use just in that tower. I think there is some king who betrays everyone and after defeating his enemies kills the wizards and becomes a dictator. Now it is the present and you have to avenge your father who went into the tower years earlier for some reason and it all gets kind of hazy after that. Story is not a strong point but the game looks so good I can live with minimal plot because it at least still makes sense; ‘dude messes with kid, kid escapes, kid finds super power, kid messes with dude’ also known as the circle of life. The game is rather short. Without looking for the scrolls which only really unlock the final fight (and the platinum trophy) this game will probably take good gamers only an hour or so. I did the hundred percent thing in only a couple of hours, although to be fair I knew where the scrolls were beforehand I just had to figure out how to get them.

Puzzles in this game are also rather easy and I’m sure a number of people just laughed at that but they really are. With only three tools to find, two of which do basically the same thing, it is not that complicated to figure out how to solve the puzzle. The hard part is trying to do the puzzle. Some of the puzzles for getting scrolls were so frustrating I had to stop broadcasting on multiple occasions because I didn’t want to have to edit all the footage later. I eventually completed everything but some of the puzzles had such small margins for error it was insane; to the games credit though they were all solid puzzles though with no bugs or glitches to speak of.

Why is this game so good? Well the beautiful hand drawn backgrounds and intriguing bosses and story parts were all enough to keep me playing. The bird boss was by far my favorite because it was hard but not frustrating and it actually used everything I had up to that point. While the game has its flaws it is still very solid and has a lot to offer any player… unless thinking gives you a headache. The platinum is rather easy for you trophy hunters out there but that depends on your timing and puzzle solving skills. The music was also very rustic and actually worked together with the steam punk look. Again, even if the story was missing some pieces it still made sense for the most part and was actually more interesting for it. The final boss and ending seemed to be missing something to me but they still weren’t bad I suppose. All in all there is still a week or so to get your free game and I highly suggest this one over all the others. I believe it is a cross buy so it should be playable on PS4, PS3 and maybe Vita.